MMC Company specializes in producing high-precision measuring equipment for the oil and gas industry: tri-function roulettes, electronic level glasses, samplers. The machines, manufactured by MMC, ensure measurement of high accuracy with a maximum error of 2-3 mm, at the temperature not more than 0,2 °C. MMC roulettes and level glasses can be used at the temperature ranging from - 40 to + 80 ° C.

Products MMC:
MMC tri-function roulettes

MMC tri-function roulettes (moveable level glasses for the tanks with petroleum products) are used to measure the tank gauging, interface level of products

Zonary and bottom samplers

Zonary and bottom samplers are used by laboratories for sampling gases, solids and liquids.

Valves FIP (Fixed-In-Place) system

The fixed in place system of sampling Flexi-Dip, valve and sampling roulette are gas-proof. When the sampling roulette is attached to any valve of S…