The producer of sensors and measuring equipment, Keyence Corp., is the leader in the production of high precision sensors, gaging systems, laser microscopes and computer vision systems. The company develops innovative and reliable products that fully satisfy customers’ needs. Technical reliability, service of high quality, direct sales system, as well as fast delivery – that’s what distinguishes Keyence from the competitors. You can buy the products of Keyence Corporation in DivitaRus Company in Russia and the Customs Union countries.

Products KEYENCE:
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Fiber-optic sensors
Fiber-optic sensors are used for precise positioning and fixation of objects.
Photoelectric sensors
Keyence Corporation produces a wide range of photoelectric sensors. There is a compact series, with automatic calibration, designed to be used in complex environment, with RGB-display, etc.
High-precision devices enabling to provide accurate and rapid positioning
Keyence microscopes
Fluorescence microscopes Keyence are devices,unique in their characteristics, the distinctive feature of which is that instead of the effects of absorption and reflection of light they use the phenomenon of fluorescence